Audio-visual resources

From the Situated UPE Collective:

Powering Namuwongo

Joel Ongwech (director), Jonathan Silver (producer), David Naxic (sound), Joel Kahiri and Myko Ouma (music) & Gladys A-can

About everyday energy production in the autoconstructed neighborhood of Namuwongo in Kampala, Uganda.

One Table Two Elephants

Jacob von Heland and Henrik Ernstson

This cinematic ethnography (84 minutes) deals with race, nature and knowledge politics in the postcolonial city. World Premiere at Copenhagen DOX in 2018 and nominated to several prizes with screenings at several film festivals. Click here for TEACHING RESOURCES to the film. 

Flows and friction of alcohol in Cape Town

Mary Lawhon

Turning Livelihoods to Rubbish?

Yvette Kruger (director), Nate Millington and Henrik Ernstson

Documentary film (35 minutes, 2019) about the contested process of extracting value out of waste in urban South Africa. Suitable for teaching online and face-to-face.

Online lectures and talks from leading academics:

Africa’s urban future: future prospects and pitfalls

Edgar Pieterse


Spatial chaos and the city of the 21st century

AbdouMaliq Simone

Dialogues in Development

Sue Parnell

Worlding Cities: Towards a theory of global urbanism

Ananya Roy

Urban Socio-Ecological Inequality: Urban Environmental Justice or POLITICAL-Ecology?

Erik Swyngedouw

Theory from the South: Or, How Euro-America is Evolving Toward Africa

Jean and John Comaroff

Documentaries and movies:

Hip Hop Burkina

Kinshasa Symphony

Welcome to Lagos

Dear Mandela (Trailer)

Phakathi- Soweto’s Middling Class

Cemetery State (Trailer)

Frank De Boek

Kinshasa Symphony (Trailer)

Hooking in Jo’burg (opening clip)

Powerless / Katiyabaas (Trailer)

Fahad Mustafa and Deepti Kakkar

The politics of electricity and its connections – the wires, the politicians, the citizens – in an Indian city.