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Beth Oppenheim-Chan is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Environmental & Geographical Sciences at the University of Cape Town. Her research in Mozambique focuses on civic engagement in city life, and the intersection of responsibility, assistance, and identity in the Global South. She is also currently also working on a British Academy Newton-funded project entitled “Food, Ethics & Identity in the Post-Apartheid City,” a multi-city study of consumption and its relation to ethics in South Africa.

Convenient Informality on the Street in Maputo
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Convenient Informality on the Street in Maputo

In Maputo, absence is felt in the infrastructure. I spend several months away from the city, and the skyline has changed. Banks and technology companies replace old lots that belonged to a friend of a friend’s grandmother’s best friend. Old traditional Portuguese bakeries, or pastelarias, are now serving single espressos alongside Chinese food restaurants and […]