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I have a double major / Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics; following one of my personal-life passions I received a diploma accrediting a minor in Architecture and City. I have a strong interest in how nature can contribute to more fair, sustainable and creative urban environments. Academically, I’m keen on taking further the intersection of both urban and environmental studies, as well as working for a more supportive science-policy interface. I’m from Bogotá, Colombia and currently based in Berlin, Germany.  #urbanecology #globalsouth #valorardiversidad

Such is life in the urban tropics
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Such is life in the urban tropics

In 2015, the National Research Institute of Colombia “Alexander von Humboldt” (commonly known as Instituto Humboldt), promoted Urban Nature: Platform of Experiences, a book project giving voice to diverse sets of knowledge that come into play when addressing and managing biodiversity and ecosystem services in Colombian cities. Over 80 authors presented 40 case studies across […]