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Dr. Henrik Ernstson is developing a situated approach to urban political ecology. His contribution to Political Ecology and…

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Dr. Henrik Ernstson is developing a situated approach to urban political ecology.

His contribution to Political Ecology and Urban Studies lies in combining critical geography with urban ecology, urban infrastructure studies, and postcolonial urbanism. He has long experience in leading international research projects, with studies of collective action, knowledge politics, environmental conflicts, urban ecosystem management and critical infrastructure studies in Cape Town, Kampala, Luanda, New Orleans, and Stockholm. He has continuously also funded and developed collaborations with designers, artists and activist to surface multiple ways of knowing urban environments to question 'who is in the know'. This has contributed to the Environmental Humanities and has included the research-based documentary film One Table Two Elephants (2018, 74 min, co-created with Jacob von Heland) based on work in Cape Town, with upcoming film-based research in Durban. In 2019 he published two edited volumes, Grounding Urban Natures: Histories and Futures of Urban Ecologies (MIT, co-edited with Sverker Sörlin), and Urban Political Ecology in the Anthropo-obscene: Interruptions and Possibilities (Routledge, co-edited with Erik Swyngedouw). His work has been published by leading international journals, including Antipode, Environment and Planning A, Ecology & Society, Ecological Economics, Regional StudiesUrban Studies, and an upcoming article in Theory Culture & Society

He is a Research Fellow at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and their KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory since 2013, Lecturer in Human Geography at the Department of Geography at the The University of Manchester from 2017, and since 2019 Honorary Associate Professor at the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town where he also worked from 2010-2018 as a Visiting Scholar. He has Postdocs at Stanford University and Univeristy of Cape Town. His critical work has grown from a wide interdisciplinary background as he holds a PhD in Systems Ecology from Stockholm University and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and a MSc in Physics and Applied Mathematics from Linköping University. His previous careers include project manager at an international electrical engineering firm, high school teacher and theatre producer in Stockholm.

For his research projects and wide range of collaborations, see The Situated Ecologies Platform. He is a founding member of The Situated UPE Collective, he tweets at @rhizomia, and for his work and publications go to his Academia.edu page.

Just Sustainabilities—A new book by Julian Agyeman
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Just Sustainabilities—A new book by Julian Agyeman

 A new book is out from Julian Agyeman that should be of interest to a broad audience, from urban sociologists, geographers, planners and activists, and their combinations! Read more here. Introducing Just Sustainabilities: Policy, Planning, and Practice Julian Agyeman This unique and insightful text offers an exploration of the origins and subsequent development of the concept of […]