Reading List

African Urbanism

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Seminal texts:
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  • The works of Akin Mabogunje; for an overview, click here.
Other texts we found particularly useful:

See more here on the African Centre for Cities website

Urban Political Ecology

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Seminal texts:
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Empirical cases (African)
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Conceptual arguments
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Empirical cases (non-African)
  • Kaika M (2005) City of Flows: Modernity, Nature and the City.London and New York: Routledge
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Southern Theory

Overviews/seminal works:
Other works we found particularly useful:
  • Ernstson, H., Lawhon, M., & Duminy, J. (2014). Conceptual vectors of African urbanism:‘engaged theory-making’and ‘platforms of engagement’. Regional Studies48(9), 1563-1577.
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  • Simone A (2004) People as infrastructure: Intersecting fragments in Johannesburg.Public Culture 16(3):407-429

Political Ecology

A good overview:
Seminal texts: