We have created a SUPE email list for those interested in participating in sharing their ideas on how to pluralize the approaches to urban political ecology in a ‘world of cities’. The discussion list was before called ‘African UPE’ but in recognising the broader parameters of the intellectual and action-oriented project that SUPE is part of, we have re-named this email list to “Situated UPE”. This recognises the on-going intellectual ‘traffic’ between researchers, political organisers and activists that are located in different regions of the world that has experienced different forms and types of urbanisation. If you like to discuss and share your experience on what it can mean to pluralize the approaches to study urban political ecologies in a ‘world of cities’.

Please join this email list by sending an email to us at join_supe_list AT situatedecologies.net



Join our email group. Send email to join_supe_list AT situatedecologies.net